Summer Fades

Summer Fades

Amanda Bews

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‘ Summer has a secret that is literally eating her up. Her friends and family try to make her face what they think is her real problem. But what they see is only a symptom of something much more sinister.
When Julie whirls back onto the scene, Summer’s carefully organised life begins to spin out of control, even as she unsuccessfully tries to avoid Ben, who just might be the nicest guy she has ever met.
Then Julie discovers Summer’s secret, something she’s been hiding to protect the ones she loves. With the support of her new friends the question remains: Will peace be found before Summer fades? ’


– Blurb


Summer’s best friend Julie left before 6th grade. When she comes back, she is completely different. Changed, no longer the young, innocent girl from before.

What happened to Julie was horrible. She told her parents and they moved away. But what happened to Julie also happened to Summer, but no one knows.


Summer has a problem, and all her friends, even her brother tries to tell her, but she doesn’t listen, she can’t see what they see. She thinks they are lying just so they can make her do something she doesn’t want to.


When Julie and Summer go to vandalise a grave, they find something else other than revenge.


Their story is a deep, but true story. Many of the themes included in this book happen to many teenagers, not just girls. It can happen to anyone, but it’s not your fault if it does.


This is a great story full emotion. The characters are believable, and her dialogues (speech) are skilfully written so that they are engaging and insightful.. I highly recommend this book, as it is a great story and gives you an idea of what problems some people actually have. You wont regret this purchase and you wont want to put it back on the shelf.