If I Stay

Mia is 17. She plays the cello and is in her last year of high school. She is dating Adam. He finished high school the year before. Mia is into classical music, where Adam likes rock music and has a band.

One night it has been snowing heavily. The next morning the radio announces there will be a snow day, so no school. Mia’s family decided to go for a drive to visit their grandparents.

The road is windy and slippery. Out of nowhere, another vehicle appears, and bang…
There is a head on. Mia wakes up realises what’s happened, and looks for her family, she finds her parents first, who are both dead.
So she starts looking for her brother, and sees a hand poking out of the ditch. She rushes over there and finds… her own body.
Paramedics surround her body and perform emergency medical care.

Her body gets placed on a stretcher and taken to the back of the ambulance. As soon as they put her body in the back, they start to leave, so she frantically gets in the back.

Mia is in a coma. With her parents dead and no news on her brother, she wonders if it is even worth waking up. Waking up to a broken world with no parents, and whatever else may have happened.

The story has flashbacks. Flashbacks to when she first met her boyfriend, when she first started playing the cello, when she went to Adam’s concert, etc.

This is a gripping story. It is very emotional, and tearworthy. It shows Mia’s life before he accident, via flashbacks, and when she is in a coma. It is a great read and I highly recommend it.

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