Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

Amanda Bews

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‘ Heaven’s life seems prefect. She has good grades, popularity, a rich family and the perfect boyfriend. Only she knows none of it is really true.’


‘ But one drunken mistake changes everything, as her life goes from bad to worse. With the end of school looming, a disappearing “boyfriend” and no parental support, Heaven can only wonder what her future holds. ’


‘ Little does she know that it will be more than bargained for. Sent to New Zealand to “protect” her father’s reputation, Heaven discovers a different kind of community, and a different kind of future. ’


– Blurb


To everyone else, Heaven has the perfect life, but no one can see the cracked interior, her parents argue all the time, and her boyfriend is pressuring her. But one drunken mistake changes everything. Her whole world comes crashing down around her, and she learns the truth about her parents.


Her father is worried about his reputation, so he ships her off to New Zealand to stay with one of her mother’s relatives. What she doesn’t know is the friends she will make, and the decisions she will have to make.


Read this for a whirlwind of emotions from a teenager who has some family problems and more. What happens in this story happens all the time, but the girls aren’t always 18, sometimes they are as young as 14, and it is a tragedy what happens to these girls but part of it is their fault as well. Heaven Sent is full of real-life drama, and is a great book. I highly recommend it.