Book Haul: Op-shopping and QBD

On Monday I went up to Tweed Heads with my dad and sister, as it was the first day of holidays for us.

My dad wanted to go to a tool shop and my sister wanted to go to a fabric shop, which luckily was next to the op-shop. So we had a little look in the tool and fabric shops and then went into the op-shop next door.

adra-tweed-heads-south-used-vintage-consignment-clothing-retailers-the-new-adra-op-shop-at-tweed-nsw-e0ad-938x704I was amazed at the books they had there! So many different books, and all at a great value. Most of them were 1 or 2 dollars. The most expensive might’ve been 4 or 5, but there was hardly any over like $3.

I got 4 books for $8!! Only $8! I was shocked and one of the books I bought from the op-shop for $2, I found at the QBD bookstore for $20. I seriously think bookshops are overpriced, but I still buy from them because its an easy way to get my hands on a book. The books I bought from the op-shop are:

  • About Grace – Anthony Doerr
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    about grace
  • Booking Passage – Thomas Lynch
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    booking passage
  • The White Queen – Philippa Gregory
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    white queen
  • Disobedience – Naomi Alderman
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I had only ever heard of About Grace, but I picked up these others because they sounded really good! One of them is a biography, a historical fiction and the other 2 I think are just fiction, though I’m not exactly sure.

After that, we went to Tweed City for lunch, where, me being me, had to go to the bookshop for a ‘look’. We all know that just ‘looking’ is not going to happen, especially when we have money on us! So off we went to the QBD.

At the QBD I went to the same section I always go to. The teen/ya book section. I found heaps of books that sounded really good, but settled on only 3. Haha, only 3! That’s enough anyway, especially when I already had about 6 or 7 in my TBR pile!!

Across from the teen/ya section, was classic novels for about 6 or 7 bucks each, so I had a look at those and bought one of them that is apparently really good. And on my way to the checkout, I stopped in the historical fiction section to get my money out of my wallet, and saw a biography marked down from about $30 to about $10. I read the back of it, and it was about a girl who was a heroine in ww2. Apparently she did some amazing stuff to help the war effort, so I also got that. As well as those 2, I bought the first book in a series by John Marsden. The books I bought are:

I will include links to these books if you want to check them out for yourself.