A Thousand Pieces Of You – Claudia Gray

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Everyone seemed to be reading this book recently, and I saw posts about it everywhere: Instagram, Facebook, blogs.

I decided I had to read it to see what everyone was talking about, so I did just that. I borrowed the book from a friend of mine who had it, and who had recently read it and said I would like it, which I did.

The theme of the book is a bit of sci-fi/fantasy and ya/teen. Some people will argue about the theme, but that is my personal interpretation of it. And I know sci-fi and fantasy is not for everyone, as I personally am not a huge fan of it, but this book taught me not to judge a book by its theme or genre?? I guess it taught me that just because I don’t like other books in the same genre, doesn’t mean I won’t like any of them.

I’m really sorry if this review has any spoilers, and if it does please tell me if it annoys you.

The book is about a young girl, Marguerite Caine. She is an artist and is not one bit like her parents or sister. Or so she thinks. Her sister is studying oceanography and her parents are both scientists who have spent a big part of their lives working on a project, which they are still working on, along with 2 grad students, Theo and Paul. Theo and Paul don’t have a lot in common, but they get along and view each other as family. They devote a lot of their time to the Firebird Project, which Marguerite’s parents are also a part of.

Their aim is to create a device that allows people to travel to different dimensions, but they think sending matter is too much of a risk, so the device is able to transfer ones conscious into another’s body. But it will only work if you have been born in the dimension. If in one dimension, your parents had never met, then you wouldn’t have been born and are therefore unable to visit that dimension.

Even with transporting consciousness, there are still risks and problems that can occur.

When a tragedy occurs, someone close to the family is blamed for the incident, and they are nowhere to be seen. They have taken the Firebird prototype and jumped. Leaped into a different dimension.

In this battle across many dimensions, what will happen? What will be revealed and who will be trusted?


I think that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone so that’s all I will say about the plot.

My thoughts on the book were different to what I thought they would be. When I started reading, I got a bit confused with some stuff that was said, but after a few pages, I got into it and my eyes were glued to the pages. I didn’t want to stop reading, and only did when I saw the time and realised I had school the next day…

But we are all guilty of losing track of time right?


I thought the characters were well developed and some unexpected aspects of them surprised me. The relationships between them also surprised and confused me. One minute this was happening but then that person was no longer trusted. The way I say it makes it sound confusing, but the story itself is not confusing, just characters.

This book teaches some good lessons and has some great quotes in it.

My favourite quote from this book would be:


‘Every form of art is another way of seeing the world, another perspective, another window’

– Marguerite Caine

When this is said, it is not to a person extremely close to her, well not in her usual world anyway. When she said it, it was to someone very close to her, in the dimension known as the Russiaverse. If you read it, you will find out why.

The author, Claudia Gray, has a real knack for writing and I’m glad she found this talent and pursued it; otherwise these books would not be at our disposal. They may not even have been written.

When you think of your favourite book or author, imagine what it would be like for you, say if the author decided to pursue another career, or had a disability that didn’t enable them to write?

When you think of that, also think of how the author would feel, they could be so glad about their career at the moment, but if it never happened, who knows where they would be and what they would be doing?

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you decide to read the book, I hope you enjoy it. Oh and also, you should recommend it to your friend if you think it’s something they would enjoy, even if they are not much of a reader.