16 Things I Thought Were True

16 Things I Thought Were True

By Janet Gurtler

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” ‘Heart attacks happen to other people’


When Morgan’s mom gets sick, it’s hard not to panic. Without her mother, she would have no on – until she finds out the dad who walked out on her as a baby isn’t as far away as she thought…

‘Adam is a stuck-up uptight jerk’


Now that they have a summer job together, Morgan’s getting to know the real Adam, and he’s actually pretty sweet… in a nerdy-hot kind of way. He even offers to go with her to find her dad. Road trip, anyone?

‘5,000 Twitter followers are all the friends I need’


With Adam in the back seat, a hyper chatterbox named Amy behind the wheel, and plenty of junk food to fuel their trip, Morgan feels ready for anything. She’s not expecting a flat tire, a missed ferry, a fake girlfriend… and that these two people she barely knew before the summer started will become the people she cant imaging living without.”

– Blurb


Morgan did something stupid, and everyone saw it. She rarely goes into the staffroom for her break, and talks only to 2 or 3 other people. She has 2 brothers and lives with her mom. She doesn’t know anything about her dad, until her mom gets sick.

Adam is a manager at the theme park she works at. He acts rude and arrogant, and not many staff like him. He is interested in being a doctor.

Amy comes from a rich family, her dad is an inventor, and she is home-schooled. She applies for a job, not because she needs money, but because she wants to make some friends. Amy and Morgan meet under weird circumstances. She also has a crush on Adam

The characters breathe with life. They are full of emotions. They may be an unlikey match, but they make a great team. This book is filled with character, emotion, adventure, and a bit of romance.

It is a really easy book to get into, and you won’t be able to put it down. It contains problems that actually happen in today’s society. If you choose to buy this book, you wont regret it, and I hope you enjoy it.