The Fault in our Stars

My review of one of my favorite books!

Hazel Lancaster is a 16 year old cancer stricken teen. She has thyroid and has to carry an oxygen tank wherever she goes. Hazel sees herself in some ways as living on borrowed time, ever since the Miracle, when she barely survived a cancer crisis and continued to live with the help of drugs and her ever-present oxygen tank.

Augustus Waters is 17 year old whose osteosarcomas made him lose his leg. Augustus is also Isaacs’s friend.

reads 4 teens

Isaac is a cancer stricken teen from Hazel’s support group. He has eye cancer and has already lost one eye, and is already on his way to losing the other.


Hazel’s doctor suggests she goes to a support group, and her mum tells her it would be a good way to socialize and make more friends. This is where she meets Isaac. Isaac is really the only friend she makes at support group. One day Isaac brings a friend of his to support group.

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Hazel and Augustus meet at support group. Augustus is Isaac’s friend. After support group, hazel and Augustus watched a movie together.Hazel tries to keep her distance from Augustus at first, but Augustus is able to find a way through Hazel’s walls.

Hazel starts to fall for Augustus, even though she doesn’t want to, as that will add another casualty to the list when she dies. Because she knows the way it will destroy her parents when she dies.

Slowly but surely, Augustus’ cancer starts to come back. When Augustus went in for an MRI, ‘it lit up like a Christmas tree’. Augustus is told he only has a short amount of time left. He doesn’t tell Hazel until he knows he has to. Amidst all this, they go on a trip to Amsterdam together.

reads 4 teens

Even though this book is sad, it is also full of joy and humour. It might make you cry, it will definitely make you laugh and you will be smiling throughout it all.

Hazel and Augustus are what some consider to be the perfect couple. Except they both have cancer.


They are like many of John Green’s characters, nearly impossibly perceptive, witty and full of humour.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the book as much as i did.

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